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Its just what i needed, thanks!! By the way, i just bought your male and female thief and the skeleton army assets, its wonderful!!! Can you reveal something about your next asset theme? If i may, can i suggest a theme? some kind of wizard would be awesome

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I'm very happy to hear you liked my assets. Also thanks for the support.

My next project will be a litte girl kid character with a lollipop and a teddy bear in her hand with different emotions such as angry, happy, sad etc and will be animated in NIMA most probably.

I've an endless list of items I want to accomplish but I progress slowly as I lack of time.

I'll think of the wizard not as next but as next next ;D

You can follow me on facebook if you like and get notified about my newest artwork and progress every now and then..

I just started following you on facebook!

 You mentioned NIMA, did you stop using Spriter Pro? I will wait for your next next project :D