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Thank you so much for the feedback!

I agree that there isn't much time you can spend playing this game before it becomes boring (for some people), but that's what you get with a simple concept like this.

The shop is there basically for the players who do want to play more or have completionism (probably not a real word) and want to complete the game and if I didn't have a shop they would stop playing even sooner.

And I agree that the main gameplay Isn't very interested, and that it's mostly a choice between the white square and green square, although I don't quite agree that if you go for the green one it usually results in death (because that's all up to luck and risk calculation) I can explain why I didn't make this choice of green or white more balanced.

It's very simple: the green square was added after I had finished the basic game (it was a suggestion from one of my playtesters). But at that point I had already balanced the game for the white square and didn't think to change it and give the player more movement freedom to catch the green squares (with the added fact that I prefer being slow over being fast in games because I think it gives more control)

Thank you very much for pointing out the flaws in my game and for helping me do it better next time.

But for my first actually finished game, I'd say this is pretty good lol.


Yeah you did a really great job!