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I've given it a run just now, and I'd like to notify of a few bugs I've encountered:

-Bathing the loli won't work, as the loli will switch to her bath "form" as soon as you point the bathtub, and she won't get inside it, which  means the bath can't be done at all and the loli will keep behaving as usual while still being naked until you reset her clothing.

-Giving the sunhat to the loli will cause a huge collision glitch between her and the hat as she puts it on. This may send her flying in various directions, though one occurence had her completely disappear.

-Sometimes when having the loli follow you, she may produce footstep sounds despite standing still.

-I unfortunately don't know how to accurately reproduce this one, but I've had occurences where the loli's AI just doesn't manage to get up. It went from them trying to stand up but falling again, to not beine able to initiate their standup sequence at all. Most I know is that it worsened everytime I re-opened the game until I made a new save.

-If a lot of items are put into a handbag, the loli's eyes will rapidly shift around, shaking her head as well if fast enough. The more items, the faster.

-The loli also appears to now be unable to get on the bed to sleep. She will just go to the side of the bed and try to crawl on it from there, but will stay stuck on the side of the bed without some help.

I'd like to note I am using a desktop for this one, not VR.