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Pursued by a knight with a sword that almost cut my face, what do I do mind you ? I'm a modern teenager. Of course I'd have a flashback about me wanting to dye my hairs !


Joke aside. I'm skipping whole non-dialogs segment now, I'm booored. The protagonist is not special at all, nor her friend from the past, and the challenge doesn't seem endearing at all. Agh. I hate to recognize this but this may be my worst VN yet ; it's too beautiful to be dismissed like that, I know that writer has done material I love, and so I don't dare to just skip. ...Auto-afflicted pain ensuing :o


And I finished it. I liked the small last story, but 95% of the reste were boring to me I'm affraid :(

Gah ! I prefer when I'm rambling about how good your  stories are, believe me.