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Hey, I figured I would stop by and give the final build of your game a try! I wish I was there, but I have some post-jam updates to work on, my game is very much not one yet!

I thought about this originally, but decided not to mention it because of the controls, which by the way feel so good now! I also think the change to the muzzle flash was a positive, the game as a whole feels much nicer to play!

I just feel like the shotgun is a little underpowered. I know it does a 1 shot when you stick it to a zombie's head, but for testing purposes I put 2 shotgun shells into a zombies stomach and then shot it in the head with gun 1, and that wasn't enough to finish it off. Though if your goal was for the players to feel like there is almost no way out, like in a "real" apocalypse, you have definitely achieved that :)

Either way, clearly I had fun, look forward to seeing you in future jams!