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um just go to

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You can play for free directly on

If you buy you get the following : all ads removed, custom ship skin, custom badges, ability to create sandbox games with your own settings, for which you can invite more players, being ranked in the global Pro Deathmatch Championship. Also you will receive the standalone game when it will be published here and on Steam.


Actually I'm exited to buy ECP pass via steam wallet. Because I can't buy with paypal.

Well, thanks for awesome developers who put this idea of adding starblast in steam.

I hate me avatar it looks stupid is there any way I can change it?

Can you please help? I bought the ECP (Elite Commander Pass) and I see that I have Carbon, Gold, Titanium, and two others and that's all good, but other people  have more badges than me and I want those badges such as the people LoveShip and Mattamore so can you help me get those they're so much cooler than mine

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are special epc's. They are given to people who have contributed toward starblast


Where can i buy it ? [EPC]

ecp varsa versenize

salut,je parle francais,si tu veut une ECP comme X-27,PMGL,2-DOUBLE K...c'est pas une ECP mais une ne sais pas comment on fait mais regarde des video de youtube ,mais si tu veut plus de ton ECP ,peut tu me la donner sil-te-plait carj'en reve d'en avoir une ,mais si tu veut pas je comprend totalement,si tu veut bien me la donner ,tu pourras me donne la cle,voila ,a plus😉

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Pour être plus précis, les UCPs sont donnés par Neuronality en personne aux gens qui ont contribué au développement du jeu (comme X-27 par exemple) pour éviter les impostures.

Et ça se fait pas de quémander un ECP, et tu devrais le savoir puisque tu est renseigné. Si t'en veut un, achète le jeu ou l'ECP lui même.

[Google translate FR-->EN compatible]

app too