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Hi there, 

I've got the PG13 version on Steam, I have played through all routes and got all endings, now having found out there was an R18 version, I'd like to go through that one. 

Only I've downloaded the R18 twice, restarted my computer and have started a new game, but it hasn't activated the R18 version. I'm still stuck on PG13, is there a simple way I can activate this?

P.S. I've followed all screenshots and instructions, but nothing has worked, please help!


After downloading the R18 version, are you still launching the game through Steam? The R18 version is a standalone game and would need to be launched from its unzipped folder.

Deleted post

I've sorted out the problem, googled it to help me, sorry about that! xD

Thanks for replying and love the VN ^_^