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Neato! That's pretty accurate (not saying it isnt true), You don't need to speak to Sammy, because you can get it from either both Lin Lin or Sammy (your choice) and the part where you give the hobo 1200 is slightly incorrect, the last time i did cassie's route he asked for 1000 credits (not 1200 but might be in acurrate aswell) The end of the comment is true (you might wanna save alot) or it could be easier if your stats are 20 or maybe even 30 (grinding the torture rack exp and skill level up i managed to reach 34-39 for the skills i could upg for the acctivities in the club, it took me around a week of grinding (might be inacurate) jsut to do that, or you could just use the cheats at the start of the game. (if i have typos i was typing this fast and i dont bother to fix them)