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Thanks a lot - we can confirm that the bug is fixed now. Many thanks for your work - and unfortunately we have no bug left to report to you. ;)

Just out of curiosity - do you have any interest to put this fantastic game to other platforms like GOG? From my point of view it is astonishing that there are a lot of games present on all gaming platforms which have not come out of beta state while Rush Trooper is a really captivating experience and from our point of view the best local coop game in that respect (we have tried more than 50) - and it's the game we spent the most time with by far.

I understand that Rush Troopers could be more popular if I (or others) did some marketing for it, especially in these current times where a zillions of games are released every day and good ones easily slip under the radar.

But marketing, and releasing the game on other platforms like Steam, PS Store - and probably also GOG - costs quite a bit of money. And as I wanted Rush Troopers to be a (completely) free game, this was not an option. It would be nice if some popular Youtube influencers would showcase it but I don't want to be a beggar. ;)

(There is however an, although now outdated, Android OS port on the Google Play store: