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ANUKEN there is a major problem with your game (maybe i'm exaggerating but it's still a problem). At the crater level of the campaign for v6 if i destroy the given kiln in the map i wont be able to make metaglass which refrains me from researching a kiln, which just doesn't allow me to research any metaglass items at all which means i had to restart the entire campaign. PLEASE FIX!!!

PS:i might be just an idiot and maybe there was actually no need for me to restart so please dont attack me comment section.

I thought the kiln doesn't require metaglass to research.

in V6 some researchs have conditions like "capture sector X" or "research tech Y"


You need to capture crater level, then you can research kilns with copper, lead and graphite.

But you can get two kilns earlier before you capture crater level by delete it a second then rebuild it. You can also get that turbine generator by this way, which cannot be researched or built until you have captured crater level.