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sadly, LINUX version is


fine, ill do it myself

it's also paid, with reason, ios requires paying a certain money continually and its not cheap

Apple is unfriendly to devs

it's also paid, with reason, ios requires paying a certain money continually and its not cheap

well i beat the final boss  (magic path) in ~8 hours just playing casually, it's not that hard

try executing with a terminal, try with sudo idk it's unix

reporta o bug no github:
tem que ser em inglês e especificar tudo certinho, e se numa nova versão concertou, deixa pra lá

the console is just a log, you can't type commands there, an option is install a mod for this, but i don't remember the name

download the release on github

press X to doubt

there are no invisible enemies in Mindustry, it's probably something else, or just a bug

report issue on github: 

report on github

the folder where Mindustry saves stuff still the same

this is the code

because everything changed, including modding, the dev should update to v6

1. he already said he will not do 3D by the performance

2. he spends a lot of time developing and doesn't have time to see comments v:

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Anuke already said he will never make 3D, because the performance will be horrible, why make a game that can't run in most devices

you can't

it's portable

you need a JRE,and know how a lot of things about networking to setup you own dedicated server

report that on GitHub

ask on Discord server

delete the game

download the new version

your data like saves will be there

in V6 some researchs have conditions like "capture sector X" or "research tech Y"


it's beta, so, nothing is guaranteed


because the features aren't complete, so, a tutorial will be outdated too fast and be a time wasting

use walls

you need to run it by cmd to do something, hosting a dedicated server you will need to know a little bit of programming, specially the game language, java

all the musics are on the repository

there's modding support with hjson too, but if you use java you need to create your own build

anything that has a JRE like... a smart watch idk

do you mean javadoc of the game?

beta has updating system, just wait to be stable

ask on Discord server in #logic