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Okay, prepare for me to gush. This game is amazing. I love everything about it - the writing, the characters, the drawing. The only thing I don't like is how torturous it is having to wait for each chapter to come out! Seriously, ugh! lol. It's proven to be worth the wait though. ;)

I love the minimalist 'sketch' style of the art in this VN. I dunno, it somehow just adds to the sort of dreamy, whimsical 'mood', as well as the originality of this VN - it wouldn't feel the same if it was colored, so I hope that aspect of it doesn't change. I feel like you've got something special with that aspect alone!

I also really love the characters in this, especially how you've developed Mathias in chapter 2. I already liked him in chapter 1, but now I feel like he's really matching up to our Knight Commander in character development, who was already brilliant. I love how the three personalities of the MC are so distinct, and different to experience. I'm also really interested to see how things go with Madras, both in terms of their 'intentions' towards our MC, as well as their relationship with Mathias.

Lastly, words can not express how much I love the dance of the relationship between MC and Mathias. It's so much fun to read. I'm enthralled! <33

I seriously cannot wait to continue reading this story. All the best for your work on this in future, and your life outside of it. :)