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I agree this would be very cool. Without having played this game, I understand the following may not be suitable, but here goes anyway: There are ways to simplify the intended organic interaction.

For example, if the CPU is ready to "do" something to contribute to teamwork, perhaps it can surround the area it wants "help" with via a flashing outline around the related shapes.

Flashing could mean the CPU is ready, whereas a solid color could means something else... each allowing the player to "engage" if desired with the intentionality of the CPU. Conversely, the player could employ some technique to signal their desire for teamwork.

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The suggestion with the flasing outline and that the CPU-player could give a signal to the human-player, when he's ready for handing over some orbs, is not bad. Maybe it could also make sense, that also the human-player could give such a signal to the CPU-player (for example by pressing the SPACE-Bar), when he wants to hand over orbs vice-versa?

But i am not a programmer and i don't know, how much playing-intelligence could be realized for a CPU-player on a 8bit machine like the C64, when it comes to things like cooperation and reacting on the moves of the human-player?

I am sure, it would not be a big problem, to let a CPU-player play his own game alone in a very high strength here in this puzzler-game, but when it comes to cooperation with the human-player to pursue a common aim, then i am not sure, what's technically possible and what not on 8bit machines? An interesting thing, these cooperation thoughts with a CPU-player, are anyway, because such things are not so often to find in C64 games.