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Been thinking about getting this for awhile (downloading the demo now that i have my quest 2) but its tough knowing that I'll be having to pay at minimum $50 to have it as you buy this Early Access game but don't get the final product which you will have to buy again, and I'm sure the final product will get a price increase at release.

 You have a great game, a good following\community looking forward towards this and more of what you will produce but to double dip on sales for people supporting it prier to release is bad bussiness practice imo. 

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Hey thanks for the comment. I've gotten quite a few messages similar to yours and after more consideration I've decided make sure the Itch version receives all future updates. We don't know if Arcaxer will ever make it to the Oculus Store but we will try to get everyone who purchased the pre-release version a store key as well.


Awesome. With that, you have my money. I absolutely loved the demo :)