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Passthrough was only available in an old experimental build, it will be re-added to the applab version in the future.

Message me on Discord and I can  help you figure out whats up:

Not yet but I do have teleport movement on my list of things to implement for overworld movement.

The PC version has slightly better graphics but other than that they're pretty much identical. If you want to play untethered I would go with the stand alone version.

Yeah were working on new areas / dungeons right now

you have to hold both thumbstick down + A and X on the title screen for 5 seconds until you see the debug mode text pop up

Right now there is no level cap

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Hey thanks for the comment. I've gotten quite a few messages similar to yours and after more consideration I've decided make sure the Itch version receives all future updates. We don't know if Arcaxer will ever make it to the Oculus Store but we will try to get everyone who purchased the pre-release version a store key as well.