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Ok so the


Was working quite well until I got the part where I leveled up and had to pick a perk at which point I could not point to the perk to select. Could there be a way that per se everytime I clicked the W button it would move the aimer so far up and click the S to move it a increment down. Like so you could move it in increments of like a couple cm?

Tried Messing around with it already and Nothing i tried worked.

If you could help that would be great. Thanks!

If you have a mouse (as opposed to a trackpad), the simplest solution would be to make a scheme that uses a part of the keyboard and the mouse, and assign it to the first player slot (first player is the one that picks the mutations).

Otherwise, you could, for example, make it so that a couple of other keys would move the cursor to where the mutation buttons are,


I'll include a couple of new things for control schemes in the next update.