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I removed your comments to BR and BR2 locations - they are a bit out of place.
 Standalone version of BR and BR2 are coming :D


Deleted 212 days ago

Hey Xform, if you’re going to make them as standalone, will you upload them for free? Because they’re small games & They could be finished in 1 day, today. Burnin’ Rubber 2 can be finished in 2 days, but they still have 6 cars & 16 tracks, 15 hidden packages. Unfortunately I can’t play Burnin’ Rubber 2 now because when i click on start game, it won’t start. & after seconds of spam click, Shockwave unable to continue, & then game freezes. Although i’m able to play Burnin’ Rubber on Microsoft Edge in Internet explorer mode & it runs without problems. So please make them ported only.

Also, can you make Burnin’ Rubber 2 like textures next Burnin’ Rubber 5 ## ? Becuase they’re amazing, and also add cars from Burnin’ Rubber’s whole series.

Deleted 210 days ago