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Love, love, LOVE the demo! 

The characters were engaging, and the art was gorgeous! The characters' proportions are often off in VNs, but in Saleana the proportions were perfect (did I mention that the characters were mesmerising?). Aside from the occasional grammar mistake and some word choices that seem out of context, the story (at least so far) seems promising. 

Great work! Can't wait for the full game!

P.S. I'm using a mac, and while I couldn't open the file manually, I could open it through the app. Just thought that this bit of info might help!

Hi jordanyak!

Thank you so much for your helpful compliment!!! (°▽°)/

We are trying to improve our grammar and vocabulary during the writing as well, but it involves a lot of re-read and re-write, which takes longer than expect. 

Thank you for the heads up about the Mac version as well. Since we don't own a Mac (nor any acquaintances do - which is weird, we know, but it happens) we were a bit perplexed as to how to answer inquiries related to it. Your information is very helpful and we will be sure to update it in our game info above.

We hope you will continue to support us!!! (´ ω `♡)