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Thanks, Kokoro. This is all great feedback. 
I'll take a look at rebalancing the monsters so elemental damage and sealing skills can make a bigger impact in battle.

Merchants aren't particularly fantastic in battle, more middle of the road characters. Unfortunately I didn't have many overworld interactions planned for them this early on in the game. But I have some ideas and will be implementing them shortly.

I'll definitely be looking at adjusting some things, like payout from defeated enemies so it's less of a grind to gear up, to soften that spike a bit. The idea of a sidequest is a good one.

There's no way to cure burns at the moment. It goes away after a few turns and doesn't persist after battle so your options are to either heal through it or try and finish the fight quickly. I will be implementing a skill for the medic though.

I'll be taking a look at monster rebalancing so skills are more useful.

Because SP regenerates so easily, especially when you guard, I believe it would be too exploitable to allow it outside of battle. Part of my design philosophy regarding dungeons is that they should be a constant drain on your resources and the challenge comes from using those resources carefully. Allowing you to heal from a regenerating source like that goes against this.

Right now the class system's mostly limited to some changed dialogue for a few NPCs out in the world. They give some information you might not get with a different party makeup. For example there's a man in Haragon that gives an extra hint about the next story event if you have a Pirate. However, there's not much contained to the demo and I should correct that.
I had two ideas planned for NPC events with both the Merchants and Mages but they didn't pan out. I'm planning on revisiting them though as the early game needs more of these interactions.

I'll be looking over weapon balancing to make them more unique.

The hero is a jack of all trades and cannot reclass. I'm looking at fitting him with different skills so he's more than just an amalgamation of different classes.

Again, thank you for all this feedback. It's incredibly useful.