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I finished the demo multiple times using different party compositions and some things of note are as follows.

- I found the mage class a little underwhelming and not nearly as useful as another physical attacker because the costs of spells are, i wouldn't say high, but combined with the low MP pool I found it foolish to ever use spells when I could basic attack, meaning Burn, Shock and Seal never really saw any use.

- Tried the Merchant class, I'm thinking maybe the mechanics of it just don't shine too well in the demo perhaps, but I definitely found it pointless to take Merchant over Pirate, Soldier, Ranger or Dancer.

- I feel there is a sudden spike of difficulty from starting to going to the first boss, the demon duo. I had to grind for a few levels, up to 5 seemed appropriate and then gear myself with the best gear offered to be sure I didn't get one hit by them. I think there should be maybe a side quest or something in-between just to give that little boost because grinding isn't fun normally and being required to do it is even less fun. Not saying that there shouldn't be a spike from trash mobs to bosses, but there is nothing in-between that but forced/necessary grinding.

- The demo doesn't really present any moments where you actively want to use the classes skills over just auto attacking. I will say that I of course did use skills, mainly the Soldiers first two offensive abilities and I dabbled with debuffs, I don't think Medic counts for this point because its the healer class and that's just what it does so you don't have to choose between a basic attack and a special attack.

- I found fighting the Pawns a little irritating, not really difficult though, because they'd constantly inflict burn which has no curable ability or item from what I've seen and this follows into my next point which is..

- Healing, I think the Medic should be able to heal outside of combat with its SP so that you don't have to risk having your characters die and having to return to a town to spend a chunk of cash and waste time when trying to heal them during a battle. If you had a different system I think this would be overpowered in some situations, but since it takes a 1/4 to 3/4 of the Medics SP to heal i think it sounds reasonable. 

- Your main selling point of classes interacting with dialogue and choices is enjoyable and it adds some replay-ability, but I don't believe it shines too well in the demo as the only NPC i found to have any interaction with this system is the Knight in Esterk? I forgot the spelling. Maybe I didn't look around hard enough, i don't know.

- I didn't find any new bugs since your latest update, but i'm sure there is a lot of stuff still needing to be interacted with that could present bugs as I didn't buy any status curing items and some other specific items like armor or weapons so they may have problems I didn't discover.

- A very minor thing, but it seems the Knife and Mallet can both be wielded by the same classes and the Knife is 10 cheaper so that seems to make the Mallet a little irrelevant, maybe add like a a damage point or two to make it worth the increased cost. 

- I'm not exactly sure what kind of character the Hero is supposed to be, he gets Burn and First Aid so he seems like a jack of all trades, is there a way later on to make him a certain class or will he just learn random classes abilities?

That is about all I can think of at this moment. Hope some of it helps.

Thanks, Kokoro. This is all great feedback. 
I'll take a look at rebalancing the monsters so elemental damage and sealing skills can make a bigger impact in battle.

Merchants aren't particularly fantastic in battle, more middle of the road characters. Unfortunately I didn't have many overworld interactions planned for them this early on in the game. But I have some ideas and will be implementing them shortly.

I'll definitely be looking at adjusting some things, like payout from defeated enemies so it's less of a grind to gear up, to soften that spike a bit. The idea of a sidequest is a good one.

There's no way to cure burns at the moment. It goes away after a few turns and doesn't persist after battle so your options are to either heal through it or try and finish the fight quickly. I will be implementing a skill for the medic though.

I'll be taking a look at monster rebalancing so skills are more useful.

Because SP regenerates so easily, especially when you guard, I believe it would be too exploitable to allow it outside of battle. Part of my design philosophy regarding dungeons is that they should be a constant drain on your resources and the challenge comes from using those resources carefully. Allowing you to heal from a regenerating source like that goes against this.

Right now the class system's mostly limited to some changed dialogue for a few NPCs out in the world. They give some information you might not get with a different party makeup. For example there's a man in Haragon that gives an extra hint about the next story event if you have a Pirate. However, there's not much contained to the demo and I should correct that.
I had two ideas planned for NPC events with both the Merchants and Mages but they didn't pan out. I'm planning on revisiting them though as the early game needs more of these interactions.

I'll be looking over weapon balancing to make them more unique.

The hero is a jack of all trades and cannot reclass. I'm looking at fitting him with different skills so he's more than just an amalgamation of different classes.

Again, thank you for all this feedback. It's incredibly useful.