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:) Thanks for taking care of our suggestions.

I would like to add those that I've being thinking about since I did the first post and that you might like too:

  1. -some settings to add wind turbulences  !
  2. -make the drone crash if it falls from a big height on the belly (it seems to crash only if propellers are hitten).
  3. - some X/Y curves to fine tune the commands (my drone is similar to the settings I did, but more responsive on the first 10 percents and it would be great to increase the nervosity between zero and 10 percent and keep it like it is for the end, in my case) 
  4. -a way to save a respon point (by example there is a door that is really hard to get at high speed and I want to train with this door at high speed many times, if instead of restarting from scratch and redo everything, we could save a respon point to start from (including speed, position and orientation), that would allow to practice easily on very precise and custom things).

ps : for the full screen, I can't as I'm running under macOS



Thank you for the added suggestions, you have some good ideas there. I will add it to my list.