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Version 0.33.2017-06-30 (still experimental, 3)

updated network backend

collision detection is now done on clients with authority over colliding object (This way it can be used in cases, in which server can not detect collisions properly. As disadvantage it provides less accurate results in the case when collision happens between objects with different authority.)

projectile hit detection now performed only for objects with corresponding client authority. (same advantages/disadvantages as above, plus significantly reduced server CPU load)

precalculated turret dead angles (reduced cpu load on server when shooting, uses some cpu time when building a ship)

particulary fixed block block creation

improved block destruction and removal, it now uses less traffic to sync results, and less time to calculate separated ship parts in total, but a bit more in one frame.

reduced network traffic for objects spawn in general, only data that is changed on spawn will be sent now instead of all networked variables, only 16 bits of data is used instead of 128 bits networkhash as a unique asset id now to spawn objects. (avg traffic reduction ~2x-3x for this specific case)

reduced network traffic for variables sync for objects with multiple QoS channels, only data that has to be sent on specific channel is sent, instead of duplicate data being sent on every QoS channel (avg traffic reduction ~1,5x-5x for this specific case)

minor fixes