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Wow, okay. I loved this game? I loved it so much. 

The way Calista started out as desperately wanting to be Queen, and her attachment to Balder. But then?? She goes on her journey and discovers things and HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I was cheering for her so much at the end, I was like YESSSS!!!! YES CALISTA!!!! Believe in yourself!!!! 

I loved the story, I loved how fast paced it was. I was like WOAH during that night scene in the castle in the beginning (trying not to spoil too much, haha), SO MUCH TENSION. 

And then Kiran. Oh my god I love this red-headed ninja/mercenary man. THE BANTER between him and Calista A++++++++++. So good. His story arc, UGH. Hit me in the feels. Im so happy with what happened with him in the ending. I wanted him to be happy and [spoilery stuff]. 

Also. Balder could have just been a one note character. But you managed to flesh him out into this fascinating character. I still was yelling at him when he showed up on screen, but I felt bad about it, lol. CHARACTER DEPTH.   

I know this game's development process was very long and had a lot of roadblocks, but the finished product here? It's awesome. I love it. I wish more game were like it. 

Thank you so much for making this game!!!!!!


WHAT. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This means a lot to me Heiden, thank you for the lovely comment! <3