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Hey! I know this is just a small flash game. However, this is also one of my favourite games I've ever played. I wanted to thank you, because your games were an incredible influence on me, when I was a kid and played flash games all day long. I think they were the first instances where I recognized the potential for a game to be more than just a fun gameplay, and instead be an experience, a way to tell something, to share emotion with a player.

I fell in love with Loom and its incredible, suggestive atmosphere. And with Babies Dream of Dead Worlds because, even though it has faults, it managed to instill in me a feeling so peculiar, and that is so hard to explain - that I still am speechless and I still reference it when trying to explain that peculiar feeling. And Silent Conversations - because it was a way of reading that felt so *right*, and introduced me to one of my favourite poets, and is such a nice experience overall.

So again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :D Know that a random person from Italy looks at those games and feels deeply and strongly a desire to be able to make something like that someday. Thank you for inspiring me.
I donated the little I could - best of luck with your move.


Thank you so much! I'm so happy my work has helped inspire you, and I look forward to seeing what you end up making. I know a lot of people are dealing with stuff right now and I very much appreciate your support.