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The thoughtfulness and sentimentality of the author really comes
through. I enjoy attempts to endow a place with the stories that occur
there. I recently saw an art exhibit where a student painted a few items
of their dorm-room white and then covered them in writing with sharpie
in order to record the thoughts that occurred near the object. They
ranged from K-pop lyrics to immediate frustrations with friends who were
late (or whatever). Then a full room-setting of these was placed
together and it was a pretty great attempt to express some sort of ghost
of place (even though it was in a gallery rather than in their
I got a similar sense from this. I feel nostalgic about
places like this and my experiences in them. Commercial-spaces
especially tend to be dismissed as pure utility, but they can't help but
capacitate this type of romance if the right person comes across it.
And it's nice that they had the will to express it!

clyde wow so deep.

I feel the same way though, that man-made objects may seem superficial, but they can hold quite a bit of meaning..