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I'm stuck on Ryoko's testimony. This chapter has really stumped me a few times lol. 

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Hey vanmegs! Apologies; partially this is due to how there was a bug in one of the versions pushed to itch, and your version probably has the wrong evidence browser screen (the topic creator's screenshot shows this). It's fixed in the latest v1.1 version. This bug was introduced when we fixed something else! (Isn't that always the way). As you're about halfway through the game, you can either start over, or you can manually move your save files from the old one to the new one (they should just work), if you know how to do that. Alternatively you can keep going; just be aware these evidence puzzles are more difficult than they need to be.


However, to help you out - one of Ryoko's statements needs to be refuted; Ryoko says that no-one on the mountain cares about anything other than winning, but you can present THE HEART OF THE DRIFT to suggest that this isn't true.

Ahhhh! Thanks so much for your help!