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Pros and cons are down below)  Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated and the game is the 3d there)):


1. I liked how detailed this game is (especially comparing to your other project that I just reviewed called Not All There). It was fun interacting with different objects and it was very nice that each of them had a sound cue. Very cool.

2. The scares were pretty good (even though I missed some as I was a little scardy cat covering in fear in the corner of the room). I played the game before the update and you say you've added some more scares so I believe the game is even scarier now!

3. Also liked little puzzled you've put into the game. I like that you gave the player something to do apart from witnessing events, that's a very nice touch!


1. The ending was a bit weird. Maybe it would be nicer to see the ghost/monster crawl towards the player or run at them instead of just appearing from the floor. I mean, in this case that other project I just reviewed impressed me way more!

2. I think it would be nice to add a secret ending which the player would get if they wouldn't open the door as they were told. Like if they would just sit in the room then they'd get the ending after some time passes. At the moment feels kinda weird that the game makes us exit the room though we had 1 job to keep the door closed.

3. The text at the start was way to fast to read. I didn't pay attention at first and then it was impossible to catch up. Maybe it would be nice to let the player skip the text upon clicking or something like that?


I liked this game a lot. Even a lot more than Not All There actually! I think this deserves 5/5 stars definitely and I will check out your update for sure (maybe not on the channel alredy, but in my own time)). Keep up the great job!

Hope my feedback was useful!