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I just tested your game under Linux and it's really funny with with cute graphics.  It is just in its infancy but shows potential for a nice funny platformer - but just a few remarks:

- Is linux64/nw for current Linux the right binary?
  Would have expected "bb" for the binary (Baby Bjorn :).
  But just want to know if I may miss something when starting this way.
- I could not find a way to exit the game (well, switching to another terminal, looking for the game process and killing the PID).
Would be "Quit" (or a symbol) to the top left (top right is sound on/off) on start screen possible?
Maybe pressing Escape may bring one to a menu to load|safe/configure/exit
 (when the game may get those capabilities in the future)?
- My Gamepad (Logitech F310) does not work.
- For a retro game the resolution is OK.
  But playing under 4k a higher resolution would be nice
  (especially when we will see about end of 2021 8k screens ...
   long overdue after my opinion).
But of cause this last point is minor ... I try to get it in priority for most gamers ...
at least I tried ... ;)

Best wishes - and keep up the good work!

Great advices! it's all very well detailed, i'll work on it, i appreciate tnku!