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Thank you for responding! The ones that come with the Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons 6 purchase...there's no bordered ones, just the borderless icons. 

Sorry, I can't see where you might've thought there were bordered ones. None of them come with a border or anything, they're all exactly as they appear in the preview screenshot (but obviously the correct resolution and not rotated).

I read this in the description so I thought it came with bordered icons: The pack contains 48 different icons featuring skill icons, buffs and status effects. They are also provided with and without borders.

Ahh I'm so sorry, this is a mistake from the page template I use for each pack. Apologies, it shouldn't say that at all! D:

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Yeah, mainly the reason why I purchased it lol. I'm not sure what your refund policy is but if I can't receive one then just consider it a donation. :)

Also, I would check to see if that's typed in any of the other packs to prevent misleading potential buyers. :)

Yeah, apologies for that! I've made sure it wasn't in any of the  others and I think it was unfortunately just this one, so I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. handles refunds so I think you'd have to initiate it through your library. :>