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I've been using this every winter since 2014 and it's become a staple of my holidays. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I updated to catalina without doing enough research. I'll survive with the 64bit beta but I look forward to having the feature-complete version again sometime in the future. Thank you so much for my favourite way to stay cozy. It's especially needed this year.


Hi Victor, thanks so much for your kind words. I'm really glad you've enjoyed it for so long! It's really nice that it's become a small part of your life <3 I'm working on colors and the rest of the commands for the beta. Then I'll need to learn how to release versions and updates through itchio's app so they update automatically for people who use the that. Hoping to finish all that soon!

Hi Victor, wanted to let you know the macOS 64-Bit version is complete now and available on the Itch App and the Pixel Fireplace Downloads Page :)


I don't know how it took me so long to catch this but thank you! I genuinely look forward to relaxing with it every year. Thanks for all your great work!

Sure thing! Glad you found the finished 64-bit version :)