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without multiplayer/lan/co-op kinda pointless game

the camera turning is too slow/bad (inside the cave it's even more terrible)

and of course add more variety of stuff

could be good but within it's actual stage it's a bad game even for a mobile


Incorrect this game is amazing there is plenty to do yea it needs fixing and upgrades but he is making a pretty nice update. When it releases it will add alot to the game. Also you said with mutliplayer it is pointless it'ss survival it's you on an island surviving I mean come on dude you want mp go play cod I mean really man come on your trash talking a great game just because your sulled up over multiplayer.


Such a sandbox survival game like this needs multiplayer option because playing alone get boring very early.

The enemies (wils animals,cerberus) are not enough strong u can easily beat most of them early game without proper gear.

Are u really that stupid? that you bring it up? cod? So you only play COD online with others? nothing elese? You are such a funny kid... yea i want multiplayer... 99.999999999% od the survival games are multiplayer just beacuse without it survival games get boring and boring and boring early cuz there is always a little stuff u can do and after u achived u feel yourself in a empty world. So yes! it must have multiplayer or! if it want to stay singleplayer survival he must add a storyline, a path that the player must go along.

Example: Right now u can go into the cave at the start of the game and get iron+coal easily so u can start creating iron/steel stuff from the very beggining , I watched a video where the player killed cerberus with a single machete and not wearing armor....

My opinion:

So the iron cave should be defended by bears (which u cannot kill with stone tools) so first u would craft a little base here (collecting stone+wood with stone tools), than find chickens to collect feathers for arrows so u can shoot the bears so u can advence into the "iron age" than u should be advencing into the steel age but cooal should be guarded by enemies which require iron weapons + some kind of armor to be able to defeat , after u got steel stuff u can move on to the lava island and kill cerberus and collect obsidian.

I also find that the world is little empty and badly designed for a fixed map. If everything would spawn random i say ok where it's looks like right now but it's fixed (everyting spawn/respawn at the very same spot) so u should design it to look much better/balanced. (so far i only foudn 1 sugar cane and it's not even near water)

Thanks for your suggestions, multiplayer will be coming soon along with some challenging changes to gameplay

i'm doing the 2.32 update, and there r no new stuff?