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A member registered Apr 21, 2016

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any update?

Where is the best to follow this game? (coming updates,changelog etc..) facebook,twitter,this site,steam.... etc... ?

Such a sandbox survival game like this needs multiplayer option because playing alone get boring very early.

The enemies (wils animals,cerberus) are not enough strong u can easily beat most of them early game without proper gear.

Are u really that stupid? that you bring it up? cod? So you only play COD online with others? nothing elese? You are such a funny kid... yea i want multiplayer... 99.999999999% od the survival games are multiplayer just beacuse without it survival games get boring and boring and boring early cuz there is always a little stuff u can do and after u achived u feel yourself in a empty world. So yes! it must have multiplayer or! if it want to stay singleplayer survival he must add a storyline, a path that the player must go along.

Example: Right now u can go into the cave at the start of the game and get iron+coal easily so u can start creating iron/steel stuff from the very beggining , I watched a video where the player killed cerberus with a single machete and not wearing armor....

My opinion:

So the iron cave should be defended by bears (which u cannot kill with stone tools) so first u would craft a little base here (collecting stone+wood with stone tools), than find chickens to collect feathers for arrows so u can shoot the bears so u can advence into the "iron age" than u should be advencing into the steel age but cooal should be guarded by enemies which require iron weapons + some kind of armor to be able to defeat , after u got steel stuff u can move on to the lava island and kill cerberus and collect obsidian.

I also find that the world is little empty and badly designed for a fixed map. If everything would spawn random i say ok where it's looks like right now but it's fixed (everyting spawn/respawn at the very same spot) so u should design it to look much better/balanced. (so far i only foudn 1 sugar cane and it's not even near water)

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without multiplayer/lan/co-op kinda pointless game

the camera turning is too slow/bad (inside the cave it's even more terrible)

and of course add more variety of stuff

could be good but within it's actual stage it's a bad game even for a mobile