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Hey, it's Frosty from Taco's stream chat earlier this week.

Love the ambiance and the art design. The story is charming and fun. Pretty clever map design and a nice difficulty curve with the new mechanics to get you to previously inaccessible places. Very nicely done. The best part of the game is the unique battle system. It's intense and actually difficult. There's only a couple battles in the game so every battle felt different and meaningful. I liked the variety in spells and movement.

The maze area is a bit too long in my opinion. It takes as much time as the rest of the game combined.

It's a fantastic game and you obviously put a lot of effort and "pure heart" into it. Haven't beaten the maze yet. I found 3/4 switches before stopping. Going to edit this when I do.


Wow, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

I appreciate the feedback on the dungeon because I haven't received any feedback on it so I wasn't sure about the difficulty. I'm curious which switch you haven't found yet. Let me know how you like the ending if you decide to complete it.