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Hello, thank you for this game, I installed to my Windows 10 PC,  Zip file can be better option than installation cause off windows installation errors. 

After installation start menu did not work application name looks wrong in folder. ${Arugaki}.exe

When I start game, I cannot  quit from option menu.

My gamepad did not work . I am using gamepad daily. I don't know.

And thanks for videos on youtube.

Thanks for your post. Terribly sorry about all the problems you're having! I've only used an Xbox One S and an Xbox 360 controller. However, the analog stick isn't used for the menu selection. You'll need to use D-Pad for menus, but you can use D-Pad or analog for the game. There isn't an option to quit the game from the option menu, but I will keep that in mind for the future. I will double check the download file. Thank you for your interest in my game and for your feedback!