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Retro Cemetery

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Thank you for the kind words! 

Thanks for your post. Terribly sorry about all the problems you're having! I've only used an Xbox One S and an Xbox 360 controller. However, the analog stick isn't used for the menu selection. You'll need to use D-Pad for menus, but you can use D-Pad or analog for the game. There isn't an option to quit the game from the option menu, but I will keep that in mind for the future. I will double check the download file. Thank you for your interest in my game and for your feedback!

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Thank you! It should be working now. I apologize if it isn't. Please let me know. I hope you enjoy the game! I welcome any feedback. Thanks!

Sorry about that, I'll have it up as soon as I can. Thanks!

Thanks! Yeah, the binary code that you blast out of enemies was one of my favorite aspects of it. I figured that enough people had done space shooters, so I went with a "cyber space" theme, and thought about what kind of enemies you'd fight and what kind of debris and explosions their ships would produce. All the enemies are computer themed, such as the ! ships, the www, and settings icons. The mini boss is a USB drive and the boss is a graphics card. This was really fun to work on, and I plan on doing more with it. I just needed to stretch my legs a little.

Awesome! Yeah, I had to delete the last page and start over. I think all it was is that I missed a check box...That's why you shouldn't try to set things up when you should be sleeping! Better late than never, I suppose? Thanks!