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Finally, playable version from the best game from amiga.

how can i change resolution?, 4k look wery weird.

how can i change controls?, my cabinet whit arcade sticks is mesd up whit this game. in game options are too simple.

Thank you for this exelent port, we play this game whole family :)

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There is no option to change resolution. You'll have to adjust your Windows desktop resolution to a lower setting before playing.

Joystick and pad controls are made to Xbox controller specification and cannot be adjusted (supporting non standard axises would be too much works vs benefits). I have tested an original Atari/Commodore 2-axis joystick with an USB adapter - and it worked well. But this also might depend on the axis mapping of the USB adapter, whether it works or not.

I might do a x4 zoom option for 4K. (Current implementation is x2 the original - and it works well up to 2K resolutions).

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Added Zoom options for better high resolution support

A - automatic zoom when vertical pixels > 1300 (default)
x2 - always x2 zoom
x1 - always x1 zoom

Also OldSkool mode in windowed mode is never x2

Enjoy :-)

Thank you :)

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I implemented configurable controls - I hope you test it out and report back whether your cabinet sticks can be configured properly?

ps its still WIP - theres some usability issue i need to decide upon atleast package above