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Good game.

I like how it's much more strategic that tactical in depth.
It's not so much about how you command in combat, but how you prepare for battles that decides about it.

A bit too heavy on RNG at times and some battles can go against all odds, but not yet at the point of being annoying.

Are you considering further development?

Things like naval transport, more map assets, like roads, forts and swamps, unit abilities (infantry gains +1 def if not moving, cavalry gains bonus attack if flanking, etc.) are first things that come to mind, that may be added to enrich the game experience.

That's some good feedback that I agree with wholeheartedly! This is a great game that I hope gets continued developmentally.

Thanks a lot to both of you for your encouraging feedback! Indeed I have currently taken a break from Pelagium and I am currently exploring a different game genre. But development will certainly continue once the current (comparatively small) game is published and I will certainly listen to your suggestions.