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Hey Icoso!
I've played a few levels and I have to say this is a really fun game! It's simple, but the main mechanic is very nice (And also frustrating sometimes, especially when you want to collect a coin and the controls change a few times in a row xD)
The graphics are neat and the music is nice to listen.
I haven't find any bugs, besides that the buttons in the main menu don't work, but probably websites block requests to connect.
As I said it's a really cool game!

Hey Fixel!

Thank you so much for the nice replies! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game, even though it's a bit mean, haha!

Oh, I'm not sure why the buttons didn't work, but I'll look into it! Thank you for finding it out and telling me!

Thank you so much, Fixel! Always appreciated! :D


No problem! :)