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  • <`~´> Fix the mixels! You will either need to use higher resolution characters or do something to render the game at a lower resolution and then scale up in a second render. For the later you would need to write a platformer-suitable collision system instead of using the built in physics. I think higher native resolution might fit this game better though but at the same time it can take more work to make higher resolution assets.
  • The camera follows slowly and cannot keep up with a falling player. Given the massive field of view you can probably just use one that is snapped to the player most of the time without any problem.
  • On restarting the game the camera stops following the player and instead anchors to one of two fixed areas only.
  • It is usually better to leave the control binding dialog enabled for demos until you get in-game keybinding in, or at least don't disable the option to force it with the command line.