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Probably a very minor issue to handle but every time I died and started over I had to hit F2 again so I could use my controller (...I died a lot).

Some of the movement felt a bit slippery(?) I would stop moving but it felt like she would slide further along into a wall much more than a physics based stop would usually give (if that is even something you actually added).

The game, however felt really really nice. I played on fantastic settings using an almost 10 year old machine that has never had a single upgrade in parts and it played very smooth with no slowdown at all. Some of the enemy placement felt a little unfair but the overall experience was really nice. I wasn't fond of any of the other guns sans the starting weapons and even after I picked up the frost one to handle the buzz saw enemy I still went back to get my "Re-paw-lver". The starting weapons just have a meatier feedback to them so they actually feel powerful. Great game with an amazing future!