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OMG this pack is so Freaking good. Could I ask are you thinking of adding new characters (like trick or treaters) and if not could I suggest u make like one new character or a scary ghost figure that has like directional floating animation. I'm currently using this pack for a 2D ghost hunting game I'm making using python and pygame.


Thank you Whitters! In the last few days I’ve designed a new character model and it’s almost done! I should be able to add some new characters/npcs before the end of the month!


That's awesome, can't wait!


Hey Whitters, yesterday I finished the human model, so I added some of the stuff you asked for in today's update! Click me! 
In the next days I'm gonna add more characters and some halloween-themed ones, ofc!


All your recent updates are amazing. thank you so much.

You are welcome ;)