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Hey Xfrom. I just want to ask if you could revert  BR5HD from v1.0.6 back to v1.0.4 on It's because v1.0.6 is just very buggy, and  unfinished, maybe it was a planned but later scrapped update and you accidentaly released it here idk (and you never said about v1.0.6 releasing on steam so its only on From the gameplay of v1.0.4 that is only on steam, it is definitely less buggy and maybe some mods will work on of you would do it. I'm also asking here because I hope you will notice this comment here.


Hi Harma22, thanks for your reply.

There have never been feature updates or any (big) code changes. The only difference in the 1.0.6 (as I recall now) is there are more vehicles in there. These vehicles cannot be properly gained (that code part is missing) but there aren't any other changes that can influence stability or create additional buggyness.

This build is not using Mono anymore when compiling but it is converted to c++ which can mean modding is more difficult todo. The reason we did this is because it this version runs much faster than the previous one.


Deleted 2 years ago

can you start updating BR5HD on the steam edition?