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Nitpicking gallore:

-Bug: pres scale twice and you lose the scale option along with the ones below it - the screen cuts off for the whole game
-If you press windowed, it full screens the game, confusing
-The full screen is a cornered windowed version extended with black bars - could at least center it
-Expected the square cards to be selectable using number keys, takes too long with a mouse, then tried Q (maybe it's done Dota style) - nope
-Can't move the camera using the mouse via corners RTS style - fine it moves automatically, but then find that WASD moves it too, but there is no point in using that after quick initial map scan as it just recenters once you make a move
-Doors only cosmetic? Also draw over enemies but not you

The game is very smooth and I would like to explore the levels, but the controls are abysmal, not in terms of learning (like mine), but in terms of slowing you down on every action you take.