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I really dig this game. It highlights the joyful aspect of wrestling from my childhood before you knew it might not be real, the idea that the vampire in the ring will really suck your blood unless they get pinned for three seconds. While this could easily just be a combat game of in-ring action, the procedures listed for setting up a gig, exploring the circumstances of the area and your opponent, and t hen diving into battle is a really nice structure for a more involved and satisfying story for all players. I think this would work really well too as an ongoing campaign with rotating players, having the core agency function as a mission hub and whatever brawlers are available to do missions, allowing for campaign-like progress without much commitment or buy-in.

Having modular rules for different tasks, whether it be the above-mentioned investigation leading to a fight, the way fights are paced and controlled mechanically, or variants like using a wrestler's entrance music to affect the story are all really fun inspired takes on the genre. 

Def will be rallying to get this played (was going to say "to the table" but yknow, 2020). Excited to see what showboats and swamp things my friends come up with and how they settle things in the squared circle.

Whoah. Thank you for the review!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and if you play it, I'd love to hear how it goes!