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One very angry frog looking to seek vengeance against the robots for taking over his island.

 This is a third person shooter with a projectile based aiming system that is fun and crazy to play and has a very classic arcade kind of feel in a good way as you can pick it up and put it down as and when you please.

 The level has a very "green hill zone" kind of vibe in textures , the level is also very bright and colourful with environmental obstacles set to make a challenge for you during your playthrough.

 The soundtrack to the game feels lively and energetic and matches the attitude of Ribby and his determination to make the island his again.

The only minor let down was when you hopped in the car you could only aim where your car was facing, you could not free aim the turret with the mouse, also the A.I seemed a little bit simple but this will probably be improved as the game progresses forward. 

 All in all a very fun playthrough and a very different  experience ,very enjoyable.