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I think I should do a bit of an update on the community copies thing.  I wasn't aware I could test it myself.  Two different people told me, "it works" but I wasn't seeing any copies which actually had been claimed.  So briefly...

You can click on 'claim copy' and then either put a price in which is at least $3.00 (I'm not sure if that's the minimum amount that Itch will process, or if it's because that's what the minimum purchase price is), or click on "no thanks, just take me to the downloads".  Once you have done one or the other you have it officially purchased.  

But...  I do want to do a proper "Development Log" of obtaining the community copies.  As well as a fuller one of setting it up.  

Also thank you everyone who tried it out, and finally my testing it on my own.  And yeah, I now own a copy of my own zine here.