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I want to give my congratulations, this game lacks some gameplay elements to make it really enjoyable but it’s not far off from that. The art is amazing, creating such detailed good tracks must have needed a great talent and great tools, you can be proud it’s a pleasure for the eyes! Same goes for the programming involved in the reverse gravity racing that works without bugs and really the sensations are here, moving in these races feels good and can even get a player dizzy by making loops and losing control!

I would have liked buttons to accelerate and slow down though, I don’t know if it’s on purpose that you didn’t put them but that’d only be for gamefeel that would be great.

Great audio too, really works well, I get huge wipeout / F-zero vibes but with your original ways and fitting really well the loop theme, the loop is on the shape of the track, the track itself and the stuck in the endless accelerating in it with ghosts of you you should not touch thing, well done!

Please improve it and make it a full game


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