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Holllly hell, had a lot of fun @junkbytes. This gonna be with me forever. Why this game is so addictive, loved the concept of 3d. But a little frustrated about 2d controls. Lots of maps. Feels like mini militia , bombsquad and stick game together. Thanks for creating this game.


Thank you for your kind words :') I'm glad people enjoy this game and hope you will like the long-overdue update when it will be ready.

As for the 2D controls, is there something specific that you could suggest to improve them? 

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It's not that big issue but I was frustrated about 2d controls due to the jump and crouch inputs for keyboard are W and S,  whereas in 3d they were normally SpaceBar and Ctrlso it took a little time to get used to, i think playing with controller would be fun.. So according to me you could just add custom input-key options  for player to custom pick keys they want for specific actions like jump, exactly like you created for weapons hotkeys. 

b( ̄▽ ̄)d


Thanks for the suggestion, indeed customizable keyboard input would be helpful. I'll make sure to add it, it will take a while though since I'm already behind on more prioritized work.