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Hey, cute game. As a heads up though, it looks like there might be a bug or two.


After I inserted the password in the shop, I *think* I solved the puzzle, but nothing happened. Potentially related or a separate issue is that even though I acquired enough coins, I couldn't purchase the next building after the factory.

Puzzle solutions that I tried were covering only the X squares with the tiles and covering only the non-x squares with tiles - neither of which seemed to change anything.

**********************END OF SPOILERS************************

If this issue is addressed or I just misunderstood, please let me know as I definitely want to continue playing.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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That's really weird and never happened before in any playtest :/

The coins are not related to the solution! Can you tell me which version you played? (Language/OS) Thanks! And let me know if the bug goes away when you play another time. Sorry!


and you can buy the next building if you follow the No route :D

Alright. Yeah that is one of the ways I tried to solve it.

I was playing the v1.5/English/Windows version.

When playing it a second time using the same route, it still seems like I get in the same state after completing the puzzle.

The state the game gets in is: All that I can do is continue modifying the puzzle, click the X to exit the puzzle screen, continue collecting coins, and/or hire workers.

Hey sorry, I did miss you comment completely! That's really really weird honestly and happened never before :/ I really don't know why this happens. Sorry, that you had a bad time ()