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Heyy!! Um, so theres something where I don't know what to do. I have three gems lit on the blue pedestal, two on the red, yellow and green one and three windows (the one where Claire has a hand on Freyas arm and you see Freyas Side profile, the one with Owen crying and the one where Lucas and Freya are holding onto each other). I was in the main room with Owen after I solved the Wolf puzzle but every door was locked and I couldn't go anywhere. I legitimately don't know how to trigger other endings, is there something im missing? 

Hey! I'm sorry this has happened! Could you do me a favour and email with your save file? Owen's room locking has happened once before so I'd like to hunt it down... And it seems like you have more endings than the game thinks you do, which has happened to a few other people. I think I'm close to solving it, so you'd really be doing me a favour ^^; It's in C:/Users/[yourname]/AppData/Local/retrace. Just grab those files and send them my way and I'll get it fixed up for you! So sorry!

I sadly can't find app data ^^'  when i search it in my user on C drive and open local it just says office but that's probably just me being stupid

Ah, it might be hidden, some computers do that - try right clicking and see if you can find a "Show hidden files" option. I should have remembered that can happen, sorry for not mentioning it!